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Improvement of the general course statistics page: loading optimization and difficulty indicator for quiz & exams.

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We worked on two changes on the statistics page: 

1. Improvement in statistics loading

For some courses, loading the data is heavy and can take too long to display the statistics from quizzes and exams. That's why we reduced the number of queries to improve the loading and make it faster.

2. New difficulty indicator for quizzes and exams
The former global score on quizzes and exams will be replaced by a new difficulty indicator based on the average score for each question. This indicator is there to help designers evaluate the difficulty of the quizzes they have created and to deliver more relevant courses for the learners.

The levels of difficulty are calculated how it follows: 

  • Hard => from 0% to 33,3%
  • Intermediate => from 33,4% to 66,6%
  • Easy => from 66,7% to 100%

Burger menu > Courses > Manage a course > See all statistics


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