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New on TEAMS, March 2023

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Redesign of the dashboard

A brand new dashboard was made for our Teams application, removing the old ‘Chat’ tab and moving all its features with some new features to our new landing page.

  • Just like on the web platform, learners can see their next classroom sessions and pending evaluations under the ‘to do’ section.
  • They can also follow their three last accessed courses on their cards under the ‘my courses’ section.
  • Finally, the learner statistics previously accessible via chatbot now is easily accessible on the top of the screen inside their cards.

And there's more to come! In the next releases, we will add more details and information to the course cards, more statistics for the learners, the course reminder feature (previously accessible via a chatbot) and more!

Preview documents on Teams

Learners are now able to preview their documents without having to download them! On the ‘My documents’ tab, all users should find the ‘Preview’ action button next to all their documents.

We also improved the information displayed under the ‘Course’ column for this table.

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