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Manage classroom session page

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With this new page, we simplify the management of a class session by grouping all the information about the session, and all the actions related to it, on a single page.

How to access it?

To access the classroom session management page for a course, the user must go to the classroom session page and click on the management wheel.


⚠️ In the case of grouped sessions, each session has its own management wheel. 

⚠️This page is available for both in-class and online sessions.

On the manage classroom session page, the user will be able to : 

  1. View general information about the session 
  2. Register new users
  3. Manage user's attendance
  4. Filter by group, registration status and attendance
  5. Access the attendance sheet
  6. Download legal documents: the invitation to the session and the certificate of attendance
  7. Automate the edition of the durations of the course or the justification of absences

1. View general information about the session 

On top of the page are displayed the following pieces of information: 

  • the date
  • address
  • creator
  • language
  • duration
  • the number of users registered vs the number of seats available.

On the registration list, you'll find information about the user’s registration date or the user's attendance status.

To select how many users you want to see per page you can use the option to “Show x users”. You can choose 15, 50 or 100 users per page.

2. Register new users 

On this page,  you can register users for a classroom session by clicking on the "register users" button on the right side of the page. Once you click on it, a modal will open and you can add new users to the sessions.

The registrations list is automatically updated once the users are registered.

3. Manage user's attendance 

On the top of the registration list, we have a tab showing all of the users per attendance status. Three statuses are available for the users:

  • attendance not set
  • absent
  • present

To set the attendance use the button "set attendance".
Two possible actions are available: set the user as absent or present.



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