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To facilitate and encourage the use of the offline mode on the app we gathered, on the same page, all the downloads made by the learner.

Our ambition is to highlight the complementarity between the web platform and the mobile application as the learners can access their resources on the go and save them for later if they know they won't have access to the internet.

On another hand, our data shows that if the learners download a step offline, their completion rate is much better (~ +20%) and they tend to go further in the course (~ +25%) than those who didn't use this feature. 

What users can do from the My Downloads page:

  • Consult all steps and resources they’ve downloaded to use offline → their progress will be updated when they come back online
  • Remove from their list the steps and resources downloaded offline they don’t need any more 
  • Access the list of steps of the course and the resources if they want to download more items

⚠️ When accessing the steps list on the Course page we added a button 'Download all steps' to bunk download the steps if necessary. 


  • directly from the 'My Learning page'
  • directly from the Dashboard (first section displayed when offline)




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