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Activate AI in settings


Settings > AI-powered features


Now, you can unlock AI capabilities with ease. Simply activate the desired AI features on the platform. Worried about data usage? No problem! A pop-up will provide information on how your data is used.

You're in control! At any moment, easily deactivate the settings you prefer. Enjoy the power of AI at your fingertips!



⚠️ Please note that the following features don’t work if the catalogue is not activated on your company platform:

  • Activate Optimized Search in the catalogue

  • Activate Smart Courses Recommendations

These settings are disabled until the catalogue is activated again.


Activate optimized search in the catalogue

Via the Catalogue

Conditions: Catalogue activated and Activate “Optimized Search in the catalogue”

Today, the search in the catalogue is based on the title and description of the course, this new setting will help users to get more results based on semantic search.

Also, we display suggestions when the user starts writing, then courses are easily accessible.


Activate smart courses recommendations



Conditions: Catalogue activated and Activate “Smart Courses Recommendations”

Admins can activate course recommendations based on learners' last 10 courses. Recommendations are generated from course titles, descriptions, and categories.

Courses recommendations will be visible from:

  • The catalogue:

    • Suggested courses in “Personalized selection for you”
      Note: the section won’t appear if there are no courses to recommend.


  • Course details:

    • Display why this course is recommended to the user

    • Suggest other similar courses


  • At the end of a course:

    • Suggest other similar courses


Activate suggestions in creation/edition of courses

Access: Training administration Conditions: Activate “Suggestions in creation/edition of courses”

The AI helps in content creation. Only few clicks are needed to generate:

  • In courses:

    • Title

    • Description

    • Keywords

    • Skills

      • Find skills from the repository

      • Generate new skills

  • In steps:

    • Title

    • Description

    • Questions and answers for these types of questions:

      • True or false

      • Multiple choice

Activate translation suggestions in courses

Training administration

Conditions: Activate “Translation suggestions in courses”

After selecting the language, AI will help you to translate each field from your course.


Guides in dashboard


Conditions: Guide must exist or the component is disabled

From now, we can create guides to introduce new features. Some of them can be launched from the dashboard. The goal is to help users to understand how a feature is used.

There are 2 options:

  • Start the guide

  • Restart the guide


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