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Overview of your Rise Up platform

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Your platform is designed to streamline your learning and community interaction experience. This overview will walk you through the main categories and functionalities of your homepage, ensuring that you can navigate and utilize our platform to its fullest potential.



Your personal dashboard is the nerve center of your online academy. Here you'll find everything you need at a glance by navigating through the various dashboard views (Platform management, Course management, Course design, follow-up for my course)

Dashboard view



The Community section is a place for your users to discuss and interact with each others. Here, you can engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and stay informed about the latest updates on our platform. Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge, contribute to a conversation, or simply explore, this is your space to connect and grow.



In the Catalog, the learner will have access to all the course and learning paths for which he has been granted access.

Course view


The visibility of each course in the catalog is decided during the creation phase. This visibility can be changed at any moment thereafter. It is therefore the Designer and / or the Administrator (Partner Administrator if applicable) who creates the course who decides whether or not to make the course accessible or not and if so, to whom. Managing the visibility of a course can be done at any time from the course management page (Management menu > Course > View).


Resource library

The learner, once in the Course Catalog, can click on Resources  to access the Resource Library. The resource library groups together documents (texts, videos, iframe, etc.) which can be useful to learners. These documents can be stored into folders. The Resource Library works similarly to a kind of Google Drive internal to the platform.


The Administrator must have previously configured the platform accordingly (check box "Activate the Resource Library" must have been checked in Settings). Access to library documents is managed by Administrators for each document.


My course

My courses gives access to all the courses and learning paths to which the learner is or has been registered. In this section, there is a course search tool (search by the name of the course, whether the course or the learning path is finished, ongoing or not yet started and the learning path to which it is linked) particularly useful if the learner has been registered to many courses. The learner goes from the course list to the list of learning paths and vice versa by clicking on either "courses" or "course paths".

My courses

In My courses section, the learner will have the opportunity to start or resume a course.

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