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You have the use of a 100% own-brand platform.


To access the graphic customization settings for your platform, click on "Settings" then "Customization".



Platform URL

The URL to access the platform takes the default form https://<companyname>


To remove any mention of Rise Up from the URL to access the platform, you need to contact the Rise Up technical teams, who will tell you the procedure.



The main color chosen (color of the top banner and main buttons) can be set by entering the hexadecimal color code or by clicking the colored square on the right, which displays the color spectrum (see below) as a visual aid to choosing the main color, if necessary.



The administrator is prompted to download the company logo - the most suitable format is 500 x 500 pixels.

This logo will then appear:

  • At top left, in the screen-top banner
  • At the top in E-mails sent automatically by the platform

By default, if no logo is uploaded, the Rise Up logo will appear in E-mails sent automatically by the platform.


Login page

In this section, the administrator is prompted to customize the platform login page through which users will log in unless login is always by SSO (Single Sign On).


Of course, to set up SSO the company must have already set up an in-house SSO and a specific development must have been set up by Rise Up. Contact the Rise Up technical teams when you want to set up SSO.


Even if SSO has been set up, we recommend providing back-up login with a password, by using the login page that the administrator is prompted to customize.


By activating the customized background on the login page, you can choose a plain-colored background (colors), an image (images) or a video (videos) from a list of images or videos offered, or finally you can fully customize your background by clicking the Square Academic Cap icon then searching for a file using the various sources suggested on the left of the pop-up displayed (see below).



Non-graphic data on the login page are configured in the Authentification section .

By checking the “Activate the customized title on the login page” checkbox, you are prompted to configure the login page that users will always go through to access the platform, unless an SSO has been set up.


Example: Below is an example of how to configure a login page to clarify the effects of your settings.


The company’s Logo appears straddling the top edge of the Login frame, as shown in the screenshot above. This Logo was defined in Pre-configuration , in the Customization > Colors section (see Configuration - Customization Stage)


The image of Sindney as background for the login page has been customized in the Pre-configuration, in the Customization > Login page section (see Configuration – Customization Stage) as the screenshot below shows:




Dashboard & News

The dashboard is the home page for every platform user. So it’s the best place to highlight information you want to push to your learners.






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