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It is important to distinguish:

  • Customized fields associated with users, which can be used to create smart groups automatically.
  • Customized fields associated with other “entities”, in this case course, groups, course registrations or sessions, which currently only have a “qualification/branding role and/or qualifying role” for reporting purposes.

To access the settings for custom fields, click on Settings then go to the Custom fields section.


Users’ customized fields (or additional fields)

When creating a user, you are asked to complete certain standard fields (last name, first name, e-mail, tel, language, internal login name, etc.).

Administrators can add additional fields or customized fields for specific characteristics (e.g. assigned department, date joined the company, etc.).


To do so, an administrator has to configure the chosen additional fields in the “Customized fields” section accessible from the configuration menu.


These additional fields will appear in the user records for all users (including users of partner platforms, where applicable) and can be completed when creating users.


⚠️ Only parent platform administrators (i.e. in-house administrators) can create or modify additional fields. A partner administrator cannot create or modify these customized fields, even for users of the partner platform he/she administers.


Below are the Customized Fields configuration screens

It is possible to create 4 different types of customized fields:

  • Short text
  • Dropdown list
  • List of values
  • Date

When creating a customized field, you have two optional settings available through checkboxes.

Checkbox : Visible at registration

If the box is not checked, the administrator will be able to view, complete and modify the field in the user identification sheet, but the individual user will not have access to this field and won’t know it exists.


If the box is checked, the field will be displayed in the identification sheet to be completed by the user when making a registration request on the platform, as well as in the registration pop-up when logging in for the 1st time.

Checkbox : Required

If the corresponding box is checked, the field is required to be completed by the user when asking to register on the platform (if the “Allow users to register” box has been checked – see Configuration – Login & Security).

However, the box will not become required when an administrator creates a user.

Using customized fields of users to create smart groups automatically

Creating customized fields associated with Users is particularly helpful when associating them with Smart Rules.


It is possible to create User Groups with associated rules to manage registration for course and/or Learning paths (it is also possible to link one or more Objectives to a User Group).


A User can be included in a specific Group, either manually or by applying an administrative rule previously configured by the administrator (the partner administrator if it is a Partner group) based users’ characteristics. These are called smart groups (see Managing Groups).


Example: you can create a Group combining all the users who have been in the customer service department for less than 3 months, which assumes you have actually already created 2 additional customized fields as part of Configuration:

  • field 1: date joined the company
  • field 2: department (possibly with a dropdown list of different departments: marketing, technical, HR, customer service, etc.).


Customized fields (or additional fields) associated with course, course registrations, groups or sessions

By creating customized fields associated with course, course registrations, groups or sessions, it will be possible to produce specific reports incorporating the customized fields created.


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