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How to activate / deactivate the Course catalog? Activate the course request form? Activate resources?

To access the Course Catalog configuration, click on Settings then Catalogs.


Activate catalog for all users

By default, the Catalog is not activated for users (other than administrators and designers). In this configuration, this means that learners cannot register (or ask to be registered) for course from the Catalog since they don’t have access to it.

They can only be registered for course by administrators or designers.

Checking the Activate catalog checkbox above makes the catalog visible to all users. In this case, users can make a request to be registered for course available in the catalog. The decision on whether or not to submit this course registration request for administrative approval is made in a case-by-case basis when courses are created.


Once the Activate catalog checkbox is checked, the following options will appear dynamically:


The different modalities of these settings are detailed below.

Activate beta design of the catalog

A new design of the catalog is available and can be activated by checking the "Activate beta design of the catalog" box.


⚠️ This new design will permanently replace the current version by the end of Q1 2021 for all Rise Up users.


New Design

This new design comes with new features:

  • Activate “My Favorites” list in the catalog

Learners will be able to identify course courses as “Favorites”. They will then appear in a dedicated section in the Catalog tab. This will allow them to highlight and save the courses they wish to complete soon or simply to identify the courses that they particularly liked.

To select a course in Favorites, the user must click on the heart icon on the course thumbnail.


  • Activate “Followed by my group” list in the catalog.

Learners will be able to see which courses have been achieved by the other members of their group (s), and thus discover in a fun way the courses that might interest them.

  • Activate “New courses” list in the catalog, containing all courses created less than XXX ago.

A “New” section will appear in the catalog to highlight your latest published courses. This will allow learners to easily identify recently published content.

It is possible to configure the period used to determine what is a new course (published for since than X time)..



Authorize registration to courses imported from external catalogs, without prior validation

This box only affects courses imported into the catalog from external catalogs (e.g. Elephorm / udemy).

The registration method for these courses cannot be defined as finely as for courses not imported from outside (course registration method determined case-by-case) and a single registration method must be chosen for such courses:

  • Either direct registration for the course from registration request by the learner,
  • Or registration for course only after administrative approval of the learner’s registration request.

Deactivate assessment of course in the catalog

By default, it is possible for users to post an assessment of courses in the catalog. Every user can only assess a course course once. (NB: however, users can post an opinion/assessment even if they have not taken the course). If you don’t want users to post assessments (visible to everyone, by definition) of courses, the box above must be checked.

Allow users to register for a classroom session at the same time as registering for course in the catalog

By default, this box is not checked. This means that when learners register (or ask to be registered) for course contained in the catalog, if the course includes classroom sessions, they cannot register for it and they must be registered for a classroom session by an administrator or designer as a second step (perhaps at the same time as the registration request is approved, if this is the process chosen).

Force the user to choose a session for each classroom module

If this setting is activated, the learner will be required to choose a session date for each classroom module provided in the course, when registering for said course.

Allow group managers to confirm their own registrations for course

Group managers can always approve course registration requests from members of their group (but cannot approve their own course registration requests).


Furthermore, group managers may be authorized to directly register members of their group for course (this configuration is defined course-by-course when creating or modifying Groups > access via the main administration menu) without their group members having to submit a registration request via the Catalog.


As group managers are by definition part of the group, they could logically register themselves for the courseon which they can register their group members, but by default this option is restricted in the platform so that group managers cannot register themselves for courses.


However, by checking the box above, it is possible to restore the option for all group managers who have permission to register their group members for course to register themselves for these same courses.


Accessibility of the Resource Library

By default, the Resource Library is activated for all users.

For more details, see the article Settings - Resource Library.

Deactivate approval of pending course created by designers

By default, this box is not checked. Thus, every time a designer creates course, it will not be published immediately. Only an administrator can approve the course created by the designer. Once the course has been approved by an administrator, this course changes from “draft” to “approved” status, is published and is therefore visible in the catalog.

Activate course requests in the catalog

If a learner cannot find the course actually searched for in the course catalog, he can be given the opportunity to express hirs course needs by sending a request to the administrators. To do so, simply check the dedicated box: "Activate course requests in the catalog".


Thus learners will be able to submit their request in the catalog if they find that the course offered in the catalog does not match their real needs.


Of course, this only makes sense if the catalog has been activated.



Activate course requests on the course administration page

Administrators (internal or partner), designers or group managers may not be able to find the right course to suit certain learners. They can express their course requirement using the course administration page (see below - outlined in red), which will be similar to a request made by a learner (see above) except that they must use the request form to specify which users will be registered for the course if it is actually implemented.



Allow to filter course by date, place and language of session

When activating this setting, learners will be able to filter the course courses within the catalog.



Allow users to filter courses by type (virtual classroom learning, e-learning, face-to-face learning, blended learning).

When activating this setting, learners will be able to filter the course by type (virtual classroom learning, e-learning, face-to-face learning, blended learning).


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