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Configure the accessibility and security of your users' passwords

In this section, the administrator configures the security rules related to users’ passwords and logging in to the platform.


To access the user connection settings, click on Settings then go to the Authentication section.



Allow users to sign up

By checking the box, a user who doesn’t yet have an account on the platform will be able to register on the platform.


The prompt “No account yet? Register” then appears below the main login screen to allow registration.


Allow users to register without needing confirmation from the administrator

If the box is not checked, the user will only be able to have a user account on the platform after approval by an administrator.


In this case, the user’s request for approval of their registration will appear on the administrators’ dashboard in the left vertical bar just below their photo, as Pending Action.


By clicking the Pending Users pending action, the administrator will access the list of users who have asked to register on the platform and for each can decide to accept or refuse their registration request. The administrator can even edit the user’s sheet, perhaps to change or complete certain fields not or incorrectly completed by the user when requesting registration.

Let users complete/update their profile information on first login

If the box is checked, at first login, users will be asked to complete/update their profile information. The message won’t appear again once the data have been entered.


In this section, the administrator configures the security rules related to users’ passwords and logging in to the platform.



Simultaneous connections

By checking the box "Allow users to log in simultaneously from multiple devices", a user will be able to stay logged in if they log in to multiple devices.


If he is not authorized, he will be automatically disconnected from the previous device used, by connecting to his new device.

Two-step verification

By activating the two-step verification, once the user has clicked on “Save”, he must go to : My account > Security. Then he has to follow the instructions, telling him to download one of the authentication applications offered, scan the QR code that appears on the screen and enter the automatically generated code in the application.


This two-step verification allows users to access the platform through a verification code received over the phone on the downloaded application, instead of using an ID and password.

Autoriser les utilisateurs à se connecter/s'inscrire avec un réseau social


In this section, it is possible to choose the social networks from which a user will have the right to connect to the Platform.


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