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Configure Zoom for virtual classrooms

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How do I configure Zoom for my virtual classrooms? What types of Zoom accounts should I have?

The configuration of Virtual Classrooms is accessible in Settings ⚙️> Physical and Virtual Classrooms.


Check the Activate Virtual Classroom box and then select the Zoom tool.



You can synchronize as many zoom accounts as you want by clicking on "Add Zoom account". Each Zoom account allows you to create a virtual room. These different rooms can then be used in parallel.

Thus, if you want to organize 3 virtual classroom sessions at the same time, that is to say on the same time slot, you will have to activate and synchronize 3 separate accounts on the Zoom tool.


⚠️ You will need 3 Zoom Administrators accounts, so 3 separate accounts. It is not possible to have an account, and several licenses associated with this same account. This configuration is not compatible with this Zoom interconnection.


You will need to fill in the following information:

  • Email: the one used for your Zoom account
  • API key
  • Secret Key



Activate automatic presence and time recording

You can also Activate automatic presence and time recording.

The presence of the learners as well as the time spent in virtual classroom will then be updated automatically for the session concerned, and it will not be necessary to enter them manually. Zoom identifies learners and automatically update this corresponding data.


In addition to its activation on Rise Up, you will need to go to your Zoom account settings and then deactivate the PMI meeting ID.



Activate the display of real time spent in the virtual classroom

You can also view the time spent in the virtual classroom directly in your learners' activity logs.

To activate this feature, go to the My Courses section of the Settings menu, Statistics Section.

Access: Settings > My Course > Statistics.

You can then activate the display of the real time spent in the virtual classroom by your learners.




Alert if no virtual room is available

The platform will show a warning message if you do not have enough available account / room when creating a session.

When creating a session, if the indicated slots are already reserved for another virtual classroom, the platform will automatically block the creation of a new session. Thus, if you have 2 synchronized accounts and two virtual classes scheduled at the same time, you will not be able to create a new session on this time slot.





How to obtain the API and Secret Keys

Go to: and log into your Zoom account by clicking on Sign up and completing your login details.



Once logged in, click on Develop at the top right, then on Build App, as shown below.



You will then be asked to choose which type of app you want to create. Click on Create in the block dedicated to the JWT app.


⚠️ If the Create button is not blue but grayed out, it means that you do not have the administrator rights allowing you to create a JWT App. You will need to contact your administrator.


You arrive on the following configuration page:




Complete all the required fields:

  • Name of your App (App Name): Fill in the name you want.
  • A description (Short Description): non-compulsory field of free description.
  • The name of your company (Company Name): Fill in the name of your company.

Then your contact details or those of your IT / DSI manager:

  • Name (Name)
  • Email (Email Address)

The rest of the fields are not compulsory. After you entered the information required, click on Continue.


You then access the information requested on Rise Up to synchronize your account, namely:

  • API key
  • Secret Key (API Secret)


All you have to do is Copy / Paste this information on the Rise Up configuration page.



Once the information has been entered, click on Test configuration. A message will be displayed indicating whether the connection has been established or not.


Finally click on Save to save your settings.

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