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Creating a course > Detailed information

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When creating a course, the following information must be completed:

This article focuses on the "Detailed Information" section.
Please note that completing this information is optional.



A category corresponds to a course subject area.


The course category must have been created before completing the description sheet. If not, this field cannot be completed. You can create as many categories and sub-categories as you wish.


The category lets you filter course by subject area, and compile reports using this category.


The category can only be created by the administrator. This is not a required field.

If course is created by an Administrator, direct access to the category creation page will be possible here by clicking:


ℹ️ Partner Administrators do not have the ability to create or modify a category. Only the Principal / Internal Administrator has the possibility.


Keyword is a term used to search the course catalog for particular course more quickly and easily. The keyword can be created immediately when completing the description sheet.


These keywords can be created by the designer and administrator. This is not a required field.



Prerequisites are conditions to be met, a skill required to take the course.

As applicable, you can select one or more existing courses as “prerequisites” for the course you are creating.


Thus, the “learner” will have had to take the course listed as “pre-requisites” before being able to take the course you are creating.


A descriptive video can be added to the course description sheet in order to explain and communicate about the course. This can be imported from your computer (upload), but it is also possible to insert the URL link for the video (add the URL and click on the Add button.


This video or link will appear below the course description in the catalog. It cannot be larger than 5 gigabytes.



This description can be entered in text format. But it is also possible to include an image and/or a video. A PDF file can also be included and a link will be generated automatically in the insert. Just click it to access the content.




Used to describe the teaching objectives of the course. These can only be entered as text and can be formatted.



Message for the registration e-mail

The registration e-mail allows you to customize learners’ registration for course and to give additional details about the course. This message will be automatically integrated into emails containing the {registrationmailmessage} field. It is included by default in the email notifying the learner of his registration for a course (template email # 62)

For more information see : Manage email templates.



External link

This link is used to provide additional information about the course. It can be a link to a company site, an intranet site, or a press article related to course.


This link will appear in the course description sheet accessible from the Catalog.

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