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Edit a course

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Access: Side Panel > Courses > View


To edit existing course, you must:

  • Go to the View course list page,
  • Identify the course you wish to edit and click on the pen edit icon ✏️ in the thumbnail of the chosen course.

It is possible to edit any formation, regardless of its status: Draft, Pending approval or even Published (obviously it is not possible to edit archived course).


A Pop-Up will then be displayed, if necessary, to warn you in either or both of the following 2 situations:

  • If the status of the Course you want to edit is Published (therefore approved), you will be notified that any changes you make to the course and save will then immediately be visible to all learners to whom the course is visible.
  • If the course translation feature was activated in the Platform’s Pre-Configuration, you will be alerted to direct you to the right translation management page in case you just want to edit the translations of the particular course.

In fact, by clicking the Edit button in the pop-up window, you will be able to edit the course, apart from any translations of the course.

If you want either to start one or more translations of the course or to edit/complete translations already started, you won’t have to click the Edit button but Click Here outlined in red below.


  • To manage translations, refer to the specific stage on managing translations.
    For more information see Translating a course article.

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