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Create a Virtual classroom

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Rise-Up allows you to set up virtual classes for your users.

To create a virtual classroom via Rise Up, you will first need to enable this feature in Settings ⚙️ and choose the tool you want to use.

To learn more, check out the article Setting Up Face-to-face Sessions & Virtual Classes - "Virtual Classes" section.

Once activated, all you need to do is create a classroom session module.

To find out more, see the article Creating a classroom module.

A "Virtual Classroom" checkbox will appear in the session creation mode.

By checking this box, you automatically create a "room" via your connected virtual classroom tool that will allow your learners and facilitators to connect on the day of the session.

When accessing the session on Rise Up, two additional buttons will appear to allow for logging into the virtual classroom:


Join the conference, allowing learners to join the conference

Join the conference as a facilitator, available to administrators, designers and facilitators in order to connect to the virtual classroom with facilitator rights on the tool.


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