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Creating a module

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Course content is created by successively creating the different modules that will make up your course.


At any time, you will be able to change the order in which your modules are displayed as well as the stages within your e-learning modules. This gives you a great deal of creative flexibility.


Similarly, to help you go faster, on many occasions instead of creating a new module from scratch, you can import previously created content from the library (see below, Import from library option).


This page will be displayed at each stage of creating a new module:


For every new module you must choose between 3 alternative possibilities:


When all the modules have been created (with the various stages within each module), you will obviously have to click the Publish button to change the status of the course from Draft to Published or Pending approval when the course is created by a Designer in the default configuration*.

Importing existing content from the library

To work faster, you can import previously created content from the library (see above, Import from library option).


You then access a page listing all existing courses and can search for content from the course, from the modules or from the various stages that make up existing course.


Simply import the content searched for and it will be added to the course you are creating.



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