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Creating a module - E-learning

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How to create an e-learning module? What kind of content can I create on Rise Up?

After creating a course, then creating a module, you will have the opportunity to compose your module by creating different stages.


To create an e-learning module, the following information is entered:


Required information:

  • Title: If you don’t change the title, it will appear with Title “New online module”
  • Teaching time: This is the estimated time to approve the course module. This is a required field.


Optional information:

  • Description: This insert describes the subject and expectations for this module. This description will be visible in the Catalog. This description can be entered in text format. But it is also possible to include an image and/or a video. A PDF file can also be included, and a link will be generated automatically in the insert. Just click it to access the content.
  • Deadline to access the module: It is possible to specify a date or a number of days after registering for the course, after which the learner will be able to access the module.

Creating the different stages making up an e-learning module

An e-learning module can contain as many stages as you wish. It will always be possible to change the order in which the different stages of a module are displayed by simply clicking to the right of the module icon, then drag and drop.



Each stage must have a title and must be uniquely associated with a single e-learning format from among the 10 offered by the Platform.



Preview your course

By clicking on the Preview button, in the bottom left of your screen, you will be able to access a preview of your course.


You will visualize it as if you were a learner in order to be able to check what your course look like when completing it and to test for example your quizzes.

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