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Creating a landing page

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How to share a course to people outside your organization and invite them to register for a course?

Rise-up gives you the possibility of creating a landing page for your course: you will be able to create a landing page, presenting the course, allowing you to distribute it, promote it and invite the targeted audience to register for the course.


You will be able to:

  • Share a course program with users who do not have an account on your Rise Up platform.
  • Invite them to register for the course concerned and thereby create an account on your platform.

This page is therefore intended to be distributed to prospects, customers, or partners who do not have an account on your Rise Up platform.


Creating a landing page / dedicated page

First, create the course you want to make accessible through a landing page (complete its description and course content).

To learn more about creating a course, see the Create a course article.


In the Course configuration section, check the Dedicated (/Landing) page box.


If you want learners to be able to register for course from this dedicated page, also check the Allow registrations box in this same Configuration section.



Be sure to check the "Visible", "Dedicated page" and "Allow registrations" options to ensure that your course runs smoothly.


To share this landing page, retrieve the corresponding URL by accessing the list of your Courses, then click on More options (3 vertical dots) on the course concerned, and finally click on the URL of the dedicated page to access the URL and copy / paste it (this link is accessible for administrators & designers).



A pop-up window displaying the URL of the page appears.



Copy and paste this URL to share it to your targeted audience.


Users will be able to access the course presentation page in order to discover its content and, depending on your parameters, will be able to register to the course.


A dedicated page displays the following information:

  • Course title
  • Description of the course (you can add images, videos, etc.) into the description text.
  • Objectives
  • Course program (details of modules included in the course)
  • Information related to course (designer, duration, etc.)


Note that the button inviting the user to register / access the course will be different depending on the settings of your platform and the configuration of the course.

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