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Correct learner's exams

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Only the Designers / Conceptors of the course integrating an exam or the Administrators (potentially Partner Administrators) can correct the exams.


In this article, discover how to :

  • Access to the exam correction
  • Correct an exam
  • Re-open an exam to let your learner retake his exam


Access to the exam correction

To access the exam correction page, there are several possible ways :

  • From the Pending Actions insert accessible directly on the Dashboard (on the left of the screen) by clicking on Pending Corrections. The number of exams awaiting correction is then displayed.


  • From the General Management Menu > Course > Pending corrections
  • From the Course consultation page, after having check the box on "Exams to be corrected" on the right side of the screen.

Pending corrections are highlighted for each course.



By clicking on "pending correction" you access the Exam Correction Page :



Correct an exam

By clicking on Edit ✏️ on the line of the desired exam, the correction page opens. You will find :

  • The question that had been asked the learner
  • The learner's answer

You can then enter:

  • your corrected answer
  • a free comment

Finally, you must indicate whether the answer is correct or not by clicking on Right / Correct or Wrong / False.
Then by clicking on Correct, the learner is notified that his exam has been corrected and can access the correction entered by the corrector.


Re-open an exam

If needed, you have the option of allowing the learner to retake the exam by checking the Re-open the question box.


In this case, by clicking on Correct, the learner will be able to retake the exam again and the state of the exam becomes "Exam Reopened".


The learner is notified that his exam has been corrected and can retake the exam.

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