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How do I generate an attendance sheet for one of my face-to-face sessions? How to download it? How do I sign it on Rise Up?

Your Rise Up platform allows you to generate an attendance sheet for each of your face-to-face sessions.

To learn more about creating face-to-face sessions, see the article Managing classroom sessions.


Access the attendance sheet for a session

Access: Side Menu > Course > Manage face-to-face sessions


By clicking on More options (three vertical dots) for the desired session, you can then click on Attendance sheet.



From this Attendance Sheet Management page, you can:

  • Download the attendance sheet
  • Have the learners and the trainer sign the attendance sheet directly via the platform

Attendance sheet template

  • Signature by learners

The attendance sheet is displayed according to the learners registered for the session. A block for each learner's signature will appear in the interface and on the PDF attendance sheet .



  • Signature by trainers

In the same way, a block for the trainers' signature will appear on the attendance sheet.



  • Legal information

Legal information appears on the right of the screen (Place, Number of registrants, Duration, Date, Hours ...). This information is also included on the generated attendance sheet.



Download the attendance sheet

By clicking on Download PDF, you will be able to download the attendance sheet.

  • If the timesheet was not signed on Rise Up platform, you will download it blank. You can then print it and have it signed in the classroom in paper format for example.
  • If you had the attendance sheet signed on Rise Up platform, the signatures of learners and trainers will appear in the downloaded version.

The format of the attendance sheet is customizable. For more information, see Modify legal document templates.


Sign the attendance sheet via Rise Up

To sign the attendance sheet, click on the Pen icon ✏️ to open the signature area for the learner / trainer.

This interface is available for session facilitators, as well as administrators and designers.


A pop-up window will appear with an insert to sign the attendance sheet. Then click on Validate.


The signature will appear in the corresponding block of the attendance sheet.


If you have activated, in the Settings of the platform - Section Physical & Virtual classrooms, the features "The user who signs the attendance sheet is recorded as present and receives an email" and "Activate the remote signature", the presence will be updated automatically during the signature by the learner.


Signing process: 

  • Click on the button "Get learners to sign".


  • Ask your learners to access the platform (Dashboard - Session in progress). Then select the current half-day.


  • Trigger automatic sending of the signature page.


  • Track the signature actions of your learners and, if necessary, help them accomplish this action by sending them an email with a signature link.



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