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Validate courses created by Designers

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Two accesses are possible:

  • Direct access from the Dashboard, by clicking in the Pending Actions box
  • Access via : Side menu > Courses > Validate courses

In the previous steps, we saw how to create a course.


Only Administrators (partner administrators) and designers can create a course. However, there is a difference depending on whether the course is created by an Administrator (partner administrator) or by a Designer.


  • When the course is created by an Administrator, as soon as the administrator clicks on the Publish button, the status of the course changes from Draft to Published and can therefore be visible to learners according to the visibility rules that have been defined.
  • On the other hand, in a standard configuration, when the course is created by a Designer, when the latter clicks on the Publish button, the course does not immediately go to the Published state but goes through a Pending validation state.


In the latter case, the Administrator (or partner administrator) must validate the course so that it is published and therefore accessible.


He will access the validation page for pending course (below)



He can then decide whether to:


  • ✅ Validate the course
  • ❌ Refuse to validate the course


The designer will receive an email to notify him (if it has not been deactivated).

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