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Below is the Course Management Menu (access via Side Menu > Course)



View: Allows you to display the list of all courses, regardless of their state (draft, awaiting validation, published). A sorting feature with several criteria makes it possible to quickly find the course sought, to modify it, delete it or duplicate it (it allows you to create a new course more quickly). This is where you can access a course in 'draft' state to continue working on it (that is say, edit it) and finalize it for publication. For more information see Manage courses created.


Create: Allows you to create a new course, whether it is an e-learning course, classroom courses or "blended learning" course.


Validate courses: Allows direct access to courses that have been created by "Designers" to validate them and therefore publish them. In the most common configuration, designers can actually create  courses, but the publication of courses requires the approval of an Administrator.

For more information see Manage courses created by Designers.


Pending corrections: Allows direct access to exams and quizzes taken by learners to correct them.


Manage classroom sessions: Allows you to create classroom sessions, modify them, cancel them, validate them and also manage user registrations for the various classroom sessions.


Manage categories: Allows you to create courses categories and subcategories and view them. When you create a course, you can attach it to one or more categories (assuming that these categories have been created beforehand). This makes it possible to help search for courses in the same category, to carry out reports specific to one or more categories or to define objectives for users that are linked to a course category (e.g. spending x hours of course during the month of June on all courses in the category 'mastery of safety rules').


⚠️ Only Administrators of the main Platform can create Course Categories. Partner Administrators do not have access to this section.

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