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Modify legal documents templates

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How to customize the legal documents generated by the platform?

Access : Side Menu > Legal Documents > Manage Templates


As with email templates, it is possible to customize the templates of legal documents differently depending on the platform (Internal or partner platform).


To customize a template, you must:


  • Define the Perimeter: that is to say define the relevant Platform (Internal, or Partner)

⚠️ If you customize your documents on the Internal Perimeter, and wish to use the same ones for your Partner perimeters, you will need to make the same modifications by selecting each of your partners and copying the modifications. The modifications applied to one perimeter do not automatically apply to the others.


  • Choose the Legal Document you want to customize from the drop-down list of all available documents.
  • Choose the language (French, English and German) of the document template you want to customize. Note that the English version is there by default. Therefore, it is the English version that will be generated when no other language has not been chosen (see My Account).
  • In the lower part of the page, all you have to do is adapt the content of the document (text and form) and, if necessary, use the available dynamic variables listed on the left part of the screen.


Dynamic variables correspond to information that varies as soon as a standard document is generated, depending on the corresponding information. For example: the first name of the learner varies from one document to another depending on the identity of the learner concerned. In order to modify / integrate them into your email templates, you just have to copy them from the available list, and paste them into the email template you want to customize.

ℹ️ We invite you to Paste in plain text your variables so that they are integrated in the final formatting. To do so Right click then Paste in plain text.


  • Before saving any changes made to the legal document, you can test this customization by clicking on Test the template (the modified template will then be sent to your email address). It is always possible, if you are not satisfied with the changes made, to reset the template by clicking on Reset template.

⚠️ Note that when you Test the template, the dynamic variables are not replaced in the generated test document.


By clicking on See original template you display the original template. Then by clicking again, you come back to the template you are modifying. This can help you easily write / modify your legal document template.

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