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Generate legal documents

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Generate legal documents

How to generate my legal documents: attendance sheet, course agreement, etc. ? Which documents are generated automatically?

Some documents are generated automatically and others must be generated manually.


Documents generated automatically

The documents generated automatically are as follows:

  • Invitation to a classroom session
  • Attendance certificate
  • Certificate of end of course
  • Statement of objective
  • Certificate of end of learning path

These documents are all generated automatically without any action on your part.

You will find the history of the documents generated via Side Menu > Legal Documents > View.

From this page, you will be able to download them by clicking on the arrow 📥 corresponding to the desired document.


Generate a course contract

The course contracts for classroom sessions must be generated manually.


Access: Side Menu > Courses > View > Manage ⚙️ > Manage Classroom sessions > Generate course contract


A modal to generate a course agreement allows you to select the classroom session for which you want the contract to be generated.



You'll need to :

  • select the session(s) concerned
  • choose the learners concerned
  • then complete all the required fields.

By clicking on Submit, the contract will be generated and its download will start immediately.


Generate an attendance sheet

You'll have to go to the Management of classroom ssessions page.

Access : Side menu > Course > Manage classroom sessions


By clicking on More options (three vertical dots) for the desired session, you can then click on Attendance sheet.


From this page, you can :

  • Sign the attendance sheet
  • Download the attendance sheet in PDF

For more details, see Manage the attendance sheet.

Generate a course program

From the Catalog, by accessing a course you can Download the course program in PDF format by clicking on the dedicated button on the right side of the course page.


This program includes all the information related to the course (if these have been completed): description, duration, objectives, etc.


Generate a program for a learning path

Access: Side menu > Learning path > View > Manage ⚙️ .

You can then click on Download path program to download in PDF.


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