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How to configure skills management on the Rise Up platform

To activate skills management, click on ⚙️ (Settings) in the upper right corner, then "Features", then "Skills management" and "Activate skills".


To find out more about configuring your platform, click here.


After activating the skills, click on "Activate skills assessment for learners".


You have three options to choose from:


With criteria

With criteria and comment

With comment


If you choose "With criteria", you can enter your criteria which will appear in the drop-down list of notes at the time of the assessment by typing in the field "Type your criteria here".


If you choose "With criteria and comment", you can always enter criteria, and then complete your reviews with free text.


If you choose "With comment", at the time of the assessment you will have to formulate your assessment in free text, and you will not create any criteria in advance.


For more information on creating and assessing skills, see Assess skills.


Happy navigating on Rise Up!✨✨✨

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