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How do I activate my Public Catalog?

ℹ️ The Public Catalog includes all approved public course.

Public course is course created with a Type : Public.


To access the Public Catalog settings, click on Parameters then Catalogs.



What is a Public course?

Public Course is course intended to be offered to an External Learner, meaning that the learner does not have a user account on the Platform. The Learner will be offered access the Platform to view Public Course (access to the description of public course without needing a User account). Public Course may be a charged service. If the external Learner decides to take the Public Course offered, he/she then has to register on the Platform and a User account must be created.


Activate the public catalog

Whenever you want to offer Public Course, you must check the box Activate the public catalog and configure the elements that are displayed dynamically.



You also have to complete the fields provided for the Terms of Sale and the Terms of Use specific to Public Course.

The same Public Catalog configuration page can also be used by the Administrator to access the Public Catalog by clicking here.



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