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Customisation via CSS

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If you wish to further personalise the graphics of your platform, you can do so by enriching or modifying the CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, which is a style sheet language used to modify the appearance of the platform's components.


⚠️ It is essential to master the CSS code in order to be able to use it freely, as we do not provide set-up assistance or support for this customisation action.


We therefore strongly advise you to entrust this task to your in-house developers.

How do I access it? 

Settings > Developer > CSS

On this page, your developers will find an insert enabling them to quickly modify the desired components.

⚠️ CSS customisation is a complex process that can have a significant impact on the appearance and performance of the platform. It is therefore essential to use a competent developer, to adapt the code to the visual changes, to carry out regular tests (ideally every month) and to guarantee ongoing support.

Examples of components that can be modified using CSS

  • hide acceptance of the general terms and conditions
  • change the size of the logo
  • change the opacity of the login panel
  • change the colour of the login link
  • hide access to the calendar
  • etc.

All you have to do is retrieve the source code, modify it as required and insert it in the insert provided.

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