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Calendar synchronization

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To manage the calendar synchronization settings, click on Settings and then go to Calendar synchronization section.


You can choose to set up two types of calendar:

  • Google calendar
  • Microsoft Office 365


The information to be provided is generally to be obtained from your IT department and is as follows:

  • For a Google Calendar account:
    > Reservation email address
    > Google service account (JSON)
    > API key
    > CC reservation email address


  • For a Microsoft Office 365 account:
    > Username
    > Password
    > Roomlist
    > Host (for Office 365:
    > Version (for Office 365: 2010)
    > CC reservation email address

You can test the configuration via the "Test configuration" button.

Room reservation

Once your calendar is synchronized, you can then enter the name of the chosen room in order to reserve it automatically when creating a session.

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