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Update presence / absence for a face-to-face session

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How do I update my present / absent learners in a face-to-face session ?

In order to update the presence and absence of your learners, you will first need to create your face-to-face sessions, to have registered your learners there.


To learn more about creating and managing face-to-face sessions, see Classroom session.




Access: Side Menu > Course > Manage face-to-face sessions


By clicking on More options (three vertical dots) for the desired session, you can then click on View users to access the list of your registrants.


A pop-up window showing the list of registrants to date will appear.


You will find the following information there:

  • First and last name of the learner
  • Session registration date
  • Registration status
  • Duration of the session (or presence)
  • Presence
  • Details> View, will allow you to access the learner's detailed progress
  • Documents> Notice of meeting and Attestation of attendance (see details below).
  • Actions> by clicking on the cross icon ❌, the learner is unsubscribed from the session


Updating learners' attendance

To update your learners' attendance / absence of your learners, access the drop-down menu in the Attendance column. By default, your learners will have the status "Not set", and you can then carry out the update by indicating Here or Note here.


Once the Attendance have been updated, click on Validate.


As soon as you click on Validate, the corresponding attendance certificates will be automatically generated, and depending on the settings of your course, will also be sent to your learners.


As a reminder, you can decide whether or not to send Legal Documents to learners in the Configuration section of the creation of your courses.


You can also click on Everyone present, to automatically indicate that all of your learners have attended the session. The certificates will then be generated / sent.


⚠️ By clicking on Everyone present, the entry is automatically Validate and save. It is therefore not recommended to click on Everyone present, to then update only the absences, because a certificate of attendance will then be generated for the learners indicated absent afterwards.


Documents generated

The documents generated are:

  • Invitation to a classroom (Convocation) > The document is created when registering for the session.
  • Attestation of attendance > The document is created when the learner is indicated Present at the session (see above).

⚠️ Note: It is not possible to update your learners' attendance until the session has started, or has finished.

Indeed, it is not possible to note that a person has been here to a session that has not yet taken place.

The interface that will appear will therefore be simplified like this:


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