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In this article, find out how to:
  • Set up a quiz
  • Create questions in a quiz


Set up a quiz

As part of the creation of a quiz, it is possible to configure:

  • a score to achieve
  • a maximum number of trials
  • a timer
  • the coefficients per response
  • display of corrections




Score to achieve

The score to be achieved corresponds, as its name suggests, to the minimum score that the learner must achieve to pass his quiz. This is a percentage (XX%) of correct answers to have on the whole quiz.

Logically, the higher is the percentage, the more difficult it will be to pass the quiz. On the contrary, if the percentage is low, it will be easier for him to pass the quiz.


If he does not reach this minimum score, he will be told that he has failed the quiz and if he has any tries left, he will be invited to retake the quiz. This mechanism will recur as long as he has not reached the minimum score, and he has still possible tries.

Maximum number of trials

The maximum number of attempts is the number of attempts the learner has to redo the quiz and attempt to pass the quiz and / or improve his score.


The number of tries he has is displayed at the start of the quiz.



The time entered corresponds to the time granted to the learner to complete the quiz.

When starting the quiz, the learner is warned by an information window of the time he has to complete the quiz and the time scrolls at the top of the page.


If he does not finish the quiz before the end of the allotted time, his answers are taken into account as they are and validated. If he did not answer some questions, those questions are considered incorrect.


Modify the coefficients

By default, if the Modify coefficients box is not checked, all the questions have the same value. The weighting is distributed equally among the different questions.


By checking the Modify coefficients box, an additional field appears in front of each question.


For every question, you must enter the corresponding coefficient.

⚠️ The sum of the coefficients must be equal to 100.


Show correction to users

This box is checked by default when creating a new quiz.


If this box is checked, the correction will be displayed to learners as soon as they have reached the minimum score to be reached or when they have reached the maximum number of attempts and will therefore no longer be able to repeat the quiz.

Creating questions in a quiz

When creating an e-learning quiz module there are 6 types of quiz/questions :


  • True or False: In this exercise, you ask your question, and the user must say if he thinks the answer is True or False. You can include text explaining the answer.


  • Multiple choice: In this exercise, you ask your question, add the different possible answers, and define on the right side of the screen which ones are correct. The learner will have to select the correct answers from those offered. An explanatory text may also appear to enrich the answer.



  • Dragging the words: In this exercise, you write a sentence or a blank text and leave some spaces to be filled. To add the blanks, you will need to use the * around the words, or the sentence. The learner will then have to select and drag the suggested words to the right place.

  • Fill in the blanks: this is about filling in the white areas

  • Image hotspot: In this exercise, you ask a question, and then select a background image on which you define one or more areas of interest to find. The user will have to click and drag on the area(s) corresponding to the question.


  • Drag & Drop: this exercise is about combining ideas. It is possible to associate an image with text or another image. It is also possible to associate text with another text.


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