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Creating a new classroom module

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Creating a course is done by successive creation of the various modules that will make up your course.


To create a new classroom module, click on the dedicated icon:


Follow the instructions to complete the information in the Classroom Module.



For each classroom module, you can specify:

  • The title of the classroom module
  • The description of the classroom module, by entering text and/or submitting a descriptive document

You can enter as many Classroom Sessions as you like.

As a reminder, the principle is that, to complete the classroom module, the learner should have attended one of the classroom sessions offered in the module.


Depending on the configuration, a learner can register for a given classroom session or be registered by someone else.


By default, the platform’s pre-configuration (⚙️) allows a user who would be registered for Course via the Catalog (by clicking the Register button) to register for a given classroom session at the same time.

However, it is possible to remove this option for the User*, in which case it will necessarily be an administrator (internal and/or partner) or even the course designer or the session facilitator or group manager who will have to register the user for a session.

(*) to do so – the pre-configuration must have this checkbox deselected: “Allow users to register for a classroom session at the same time as registering for course in the catalog”)


Obviously, for each session you have to enter:

  • The start and end date of the session*
  • The teaching time*
  • The place and room
  • Number of places available
  • The Language in which the session will take place
  • The facilitator(s) for the session
  • A description of the session
  • If the session is in a classroom or virtual class (checkbox if course can take place in a virtual class), once the administrator has activated the Virtual Class option in the configuration.
    See Settings - Physical & Virtual classrooms article for further information.



The facilitator(s) for the session:

It is not essential to enter a Facilitator for the classroom session created. One or more facilitator can be entered; this can be a person from outside the company with a user account in a Facilitator Role, but it can also be any other user with a “role” other than “Facilitator”. It can even be just a “Learner” with the skills to facilitate the Classroom Session created.


Note that any Facilitator of a classroom session can:

  • register a learner for a session that he or she is facilitating (provided, of course, that the particular learner is already registered for the corresponding course);
  • have access to reports related to the session being facilitated.

It is always possible to add new sessions afterwards, or to cancel sessions. Sessions can be managed by Administrators (internal and/or partner) or designers.

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