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By creating a "Document" step, you can upload a document to the platform which can be seen by your learners when they access this step.


This document can have several formats (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, etc.).

Find the complete list of formats accepted in the article Dimensions and formats accepted by Rise Up.


You have the possibility to configure the following two points:

  • Allow learners to download the document. A download button will then be available for them
  • Allow learners to annotate the document. In this case, the annotations will be visible to all users, to create a collaborative document. These annotations are left by learners using their mouse directly on the document, so this feature should be used sparingly if you don't want learners to leave a lot of annotations.

It is also possible to accompany the document with an explanatory video or audio recording.

This video can be imported from your computer, but it is also possible to directly record video or audio through your webcam and / or microphone.

The tool is the same one used for creating a Webcast step.

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