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An exam is similar to some types of quizzes, but unlike a quiz, you cannot make multiple attempts. Once the exam has been validated, the learner cannot come back to it to try to improve his result (appart from when an Administrator / Designer reopen an exam - see Correct learner's exams).

In addition, the open question makes it possible to integrate a correction done by another user of the platform (see below).


💡 The difference between the exam and the quiz is therefore that the exam does not allow the learner to make several attempts, and that a corrector must manually correct the open question.


The exam is generally created at the end of the course, in order to test the knowledge acquired by the learner.


An exam can be made up of 3 types of questions :

  • True or false
  • Multiple choice
  • Open question

For the questions "True or False", and "Multiple Choice", the modalities are identical to those of the Quiz step.


Open question

The Open Question will require a correction from another user, who must be selected in the "Corrector" field.


He must be selected among the Creators/Designers of the course. By default, if the field is left empty, all designers will be notified of the corrections to be made.

A learner can answer an open question by: text, video, or uploading a file (word, ppt, excel, pdf ...).


For more information on how to mark an exam, see the article Correcting learner exams.


Unlike a quiz, until an exam is corrected, the course is considered unfinished by the learner. It will be indicated as in progress 🕓 (see screenshot below).


As soon as the exam has been corrected, the learner will be notified.


As for the quiz step, it is possible to modify the coefficients in order to weight the answers. For more information see the article dedicated to the Quiz step.



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