Knowledge base Rise Up

Dimensions and formats accepted on the platform

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Course logo: 500 * 500 (square format only)

Course banner: 1800 * 450

Wallpaper of the login page: 1920 * 1080


Documents and Video:

Maximum 1 Go

16 : 9 optimization (videos encoded in several formats)
Note that with regard to the videos used for the customization of the platform, the limitation is 10 MB.


⚠️ If you are having difficulty importing content (video, audio, etc.), we invite you:

  • to check that your file is not corrupted,
  • that its title contains no space or accent


Scorm module:

Maximum 500 Mb. The recommended scorm formats are Scorm 2004 and Scorm 1.2.

ℹ️ If there is a problem with uploading your scorm, test it at

You will need to : Create a free account, Click on Add Content on the top right hand side, and upload your scorm to get it tested.


Formats accepted

Text documents:

'as',' as3 ',' asm ',' bat ',' c ',' cc ',' cmake ',' cpp ',' cs', 'css',' csv ',' cxx ',' diff ',' doc ',' docx ',' erb ',' gdoc ',' groovy ',' gsheet ',' h ',' haml ',' hh ',' htm ',' html ', 'java', 'js',' less', 'm', 'make', 'ml', 'mm', 'msg', 'ods',' odt ',' pdf ',' php ',' pl ',' properties', 'py', 'rb', 'rtf', 'sass',' scala ',' scm ',' script ',' sh ',' sml ',' sql ',' txt ', 'vi', 'vim', 'wpd', 'xls', 'xlsm', 'xlsx', 'xml', 'xsd', 'xsl', 'yaml'


PDF files should not be collections, have a password, or contain watermarks.



'odp', 'ppt', 'pptx'

Animations in Powerpoint are not compatible with Rise Up.



'ai', 'bmp', 'gif', 'eps', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'png', 'ps', 'psd', 'svg', 'tif', 'tiff', 'dcm', 'dicm', 'dicom', 'svs', 'tga'


Audio files:

'aac', 'aifc', 'aiff', 'amr', 'au', 'flac', 'm4a', 'mp3', 'ogg', 'ra', 'wav', 'wma'


Video files:

'avi', 'mp4', 'webm', 'mkv', 'flv'

The recommended format is mp4, the other formats can have a variable level of compatibility.

mkv files only works in step "document" and not "video".


'obj', 'stl', 'fbx', '3ds', 'dae', 'ply'


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