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Access: Side Menu > Courses > View


You will arrive on the Course consultation page, which is accessible to Administrators, Partner administrators, Designers, Group managers.


This course consultation page presents the list of courses that you can consult, each course being presented in the form of a horizontal band (thumbnail) showing the main course information (see above).


All course courses are presented, regardless of their state (draft, awaiting validation, published) and their type (multi-perimeter, public, anonymous).


Sort function

A Sort function on the right side of the screen allows you to select the desired course according to the following criteria:

  • Presence of copies to be corrected in course
  • Presence of physical sessions in course
  • Archived course
  • State of course: Published, Draft, Pending validation,
  • Accessibility of course: Visible, Invisible, Inaccessible

ℹ️ Course in 'Draft' or 'Awaiting validation' state is necessarily inaccessible. Once 'published', a course course can be either Visible (in the Catalog) or Invisible, depending on what has been configured in the description of the course when it was created.

  • Type of course: Internal, Partner (associated with a specific Partner), Public, Anonymous, Imported course
  • Course categories and sub-categories
  • Course creators/designers
  • Learning path to which the course is linked
  • Keywords associated with the course
  • If this category has been selected upstream in the configuration : Custom fields associated with course


Presentation of a course thumbnail


Directly on the course thumbnail, appear :


  • Pending corrections: With a single click, it is possible to go directly to the exam correction management page
  • Physical modules: With a single click, you can go directly to the classroom session management page

In the top right corner of each thumbnail, you can access the different management options :

  • ✏️ Modification of thecourse


  • ⚙️ Course management (see focus below): Allows access to the Course Management Page where it will be possible:

> To consult the course statistics

> To manage the translations of the course (if internalization has selected in the configuration upstream -> the 'Activate course translations' box has been checked)

> To manage classroom sessions (if applicable)

> To register users for course

> To link user groups to this course (allows to register automatically any user included in a user group, to the course - NB: there will be no unsubscription once the user has registered if the latter is subsequently deleted from the group linked to the course)


  • 📌 Pin a course to move it to the top of the list: To find it easily, it is always possible to display at the top of the screen the course(s) on which you are most likely to work. All you have to do is pin the course by clicking on the icon, which will become darker when the course is pinned. Unpin the course by clicking again on the same icon.


  • [3 vertical dots] Shows more management options:



Available course management options

  • Preview: By clicking on Preview you will be taken to a page where you can view the course as learners can see it and you can complete the course yourself by clicking on Start to appreciate the user experience for learners.



  • Duplicate: By clicking on "Duplicate", you access the course creation / modification page, with a green ephemeral message indicating that you have successfully duplicated the course. If you leave the page just after having duplicated the course, no problem, a duplicate of your course will have been created. You will find it in a 'draft' state in the list of your courses with the mention (copy) (by returning to Side Menu > View > Course). It will look like the first course in every way, but will have a new creation date.


  • Manage visibility: By clicking on Manage visibility ’, you will bring up the following window where you can choose whether you want the course to be Accessible or Inaccessible.


> Inaccessible: The course will not appear in any Catalog. It will only be accessible in the Course Consultation Page.


> Accessible: In this case, it is possible to manage the visibility of the course, either positively (by defining the users and / or groups of users for whom the course will be visible in the Catalog) or exclusively ( by defining the only users and / or groups of users for whom the course will not be visible in the Catalog).


  • Archive: By clicking on Archive, after a double validation (a pop-up appears to validate that you have not made a wrong manipulation), you archive the course definitively. You will be able to find the course (in particular by sorting to select only the archived course) in your Course consultation page but it will become permanently inaccessible and you will no longer be able to register anyone for this course.
  • Delete: By clicking on Delete, after a double validation (a pop-up appears to confirm that you have not done a wrong manipulation), you permanently delete the course. It won't be visible anywhere, not even on your Course list Page.

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