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Management of classroom sessions

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Two accesses are possible:


  • Side menu > Course > Manage ⚙️ in the thumbnail of the chosen course, then click on Manage classroom sessions located in the top left corner of the course management screen (the course must have a least a classroom session for this button to appear).
  • Side menu > Course > Manage classroom sessions (to access to all classroom sessions for all courses combined)

This takes you to the Classroom Sessions Page


From this page you will be able to:

  • Create a new session (see 'Create a new session' below)
  • Sort to find sessions. The Sort function is on the right side of the screen.

For each existing classroom Session:

> 👁️‍🗨️ View the classroom Session

> ✉️ Contact all Users registered for the classroom Session

> ✏️ Modify the classroom Session

> [3 vertical dots] Activate additional options


Create a new session


To create a new classroom session, click on "Add classroom session".



The modal allows you to configure the classroom session:

  • Course: Select the course to which the classroom session is linked.
  • Module: Select the module to which the classroom session is linked.
  • Then complete the fields related to the creation of classroom session.


Manage Classroom sessions


Vizualize the Session in person 👁️‍🗨️




Contact all Users registered for the Classroom Session ✉️



Modify the Classroom Session ✏️



The additional options (3 horizontal dots) are as follows:



  • Register Users to a classroom session
  • Attendance sheet for a classroom session



Manage session state

In order to manage / display if a session is confirmed / unconfirmed, sessions can have two distinct states:

  • Pending: By default, a new session created is in "Pending" state. This means that the session has a temporary state and is not yet confirmed by the facilitator.


  • Validated: The session is confirmed by the facilitator and will take place.


The states can meet a session management need. They allow to display that a session is confirmed beyond a certain number of registrants, a few days before the course, etc.


The state allows the learner to know if his session is already confirmed or not.


In order to Validate a session in a Pending state, select the session in question, click on More options (3 horizontal dots), and then on Validate.


When a session is validated, the people concerned (learners, facilitators, etc.) are notified.

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