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Manage e-mail templates

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Can be accessed in two ways :

  • Side menu > E-mails > Manage templates
  • Side menu > E-mails > View > Manage E-mails templates

First of all, you can customize your email templates differently depending on the Platform (Internal Platform / Partner Platforms). All you have to do is choose in Perimeter (see screen below) the Platform for which you want to customize the email template.


The available and configurable Perimeters are:

  • Default: This is the default configuration applied when no modification has been made on the other perimeters (internal & partner).
  • Internal: This is the configuration applied to your users linked to the Internal perimeter and therefore not linked to a partner.
  • Partner X: In addition, as many partners as you have created will be displayed in the drop-down list, allowing you to configure the e-mail templates partner by partner.

⚠️ If you make changes to email templates on the Default perimeter, these will be automatically applied to all the perimeters (Internal & Partner). EXCEPT if you modify one or more email templates on perimeters (internal or partner), then it will be the modifications made to these models that will take precedence over those made via the Default perimeter.

The modifications made to the Default perimeter therefore apply by default if no modification has been made to the other perimeters.


From this screen, it is possible to manage more than 60 email templates offered by the platform.


To do this, you must select the template you want to modify from the available list


Just below are the business rules for the selected email template:

  • Email recipients
  • The events that trigger the automatic sending of the email
  • An explanatory note

You view the email as defined by default but you can modify the proposed email template by modifying the text, the shape, or even by adding some available dynamic variables presented on the left side.


ℹ️ Dynamic variables correspond to information which varies as soon as a standard document is generated, depending on the corresponding information. For example: the first name of the learner varies from one convention to another depending on the identity of the learner concerned. In order to modify / integrate them into your email templates, you just need to copy them from the available list, and paste them into the email template you want to customize. We invite you to Paste in plain text your variables so that they are integrated with the final formatting. To do so right click then Paste in plain text.


It is also possible to integrate into the email templates the variables corresponding to the custom fields that may have been created upstream in the settings.


Note that you can switch to the other available languages, by clicking on the chosen language on the template (for example : English). You can then personalize the template in English as you wish, which will be sent to any recipient who has chosen any language other than French in their profile (see My account by clicking on their first name or photo at the top right of the banner top of screen).




Once the changes have been made, you can test the modified template, by clicking on the "Test the template" button. This then triggers the sending of the e-mail as you modified it in your mailbox (check that your e-mail address has been entered correctly in your My account area).


⚠️ Note that when you Test the template, the dynamic variables are not replaced in the generated test document.


The sender of the email is: Rise Up Team <>.

So you can check the rendering of the email as you have customized it.


Below is the email received in your inbox:


You can return to the default template any time by clicking on Reset template.


By clicking on See original template you can display the original template. Then clicking again on the same button takes you back to the template that you are modifying. This is an aid for writing / modifying your email template.

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