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Email flow and basic notifications

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Rise-up offers you a flow of email sending, discover here the notifications generated when registering for a course.


Rise-up offers you an email notification flow, discover here the basic notifications generated when registering for a course.


Email notification for all users

> Welcome e-mail: invitation to connect and create/modify your password;

> validation email and password confirmation;

(Do not take into account when setting up automated synchronization via API or SSO)


Email notifications for your learners

You register your learner for an e-learning course without a face-to-face session:

> e-mail containing the details of the course ;

> No reminder email;


You register your learner for a course and a face-to-face session:

Applies to a virtual or real class as part of a blended and/or face-to-face course.

> Enrollment notification email with course details;

> registration notification e-mail for each session;

> reminder e-mail on D-1 of each session;

> e-mail after each session in which your learner has been marked present with a session certificate;

> No e-mail sent in case of absence of the learner, the information is however present on his platform:

The learner can see in the details of his course course from the "my courses" tab that he is noted absent from his session (drawing of a cross in front of the module) as well as in the "my results" section;


Notification of course completion (e-learning, blended or classroom)

> E-mail notification of the end of the course and/or course containing the certificate;

NB: The certificate is generated according to the administrator's settings and choices and subject to completion of the course.

You can define the criteria for validating the course and obtaining the certificate:

> A minimum success rate on quizzes and exams to validate the course;

> Activate or not the need to be present at the face-to-face sessions to validate the course;


Email notifications for your administrators, designers and instructors

The instructor and the administrator receive an email notification if a learner unregistered from a session;

The administrator and course designer receive an email notification if a learner unsubscribes from a course;

The administrator and the course designer receive an e-mail notification when a learner has completed a course and is waiting for an exam correction to validate the course;

The instructor receives :

> e-mail when he/she is assigned to lead a face-to-face session;

> e-mail if the session is cancelled;

> e-mail if the session is modified;

> e-mail reminder on D-1 ;

> e-mail if he is no longer positioned on a session;


You will also be able to manage your emails and deactivate certain desired email notifications.


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