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View E-mails sent

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Access : Side Menu > E-mails > View


You can access the list of all the e-mails sent to the different users of the Platform.

Search and sort among the list of sent emails

On the right side of the screen, a tool allows you to sort e-mails according to the following criteria:

  • Email: clicking on the small arrow will display the list of different Email templates
  • State: Received, Failure or Not sent
  • Sending date: you can enter the Period (Start date and End date) during which the emails were sent
  • Recipient: Recipient of the sent emails

Viewing a particular e-mail

By clicking on View 👁️‍🗨️ next to the desired E-mail in the View page of the list of sent e-mails, you reach the Detail page of the e-mail containing all the elements of the e-mail and allowing a preview of the e-mail selected.



From this page, it is possible to resend the e-mail in question by clicking on Resend e-mail.

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