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Disable the automatic sending of e-mails

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Access : Side Menu > E-mails > Enable and disable


By default, all the email templates present on the Platform are enabled. Administrators or Partner Administrators can enable or disable any email template.


Each email template is presented in a section that lists the essentials, namely: the recipients, the triggers of the email and a note.



From this page, it is possible for each of the email to decide to enable or disable them by checking or unchecking the corresponding checkbox.


Upstream, you must decide on the Perimeter you want to configure, namely whether these e-mails are sent to your internal learners or to your partner learners.


The available and configurable Perimeters are:

  • Default : This is the default configuration applied when creating a new partner.
  • Internal : This is the configuration applied to your users linked to the Internal perimeter and therefore not linked to a partner.
  • Partner X : In addition, as many partners as you have created will be displayed in the drop-down list, allowing you to configure the e-mail templates partner by partner.

⚠️ If you wish to activate / deactivate emails, you must apply the modifications (tick / untick the corresponding box) to the emails falling within the Internal or Partner (s) concerned.

The Default scope itself is not active, it only serves as a fixed template when creating a new partner scope.


Also from this page, it is possible to Customize an email template by clicking on Customize, you will then be redirected to the Manage Email Templates screen.

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