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View legal documents

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Only Administrators/Partner Administrators can manage legal documents.

Access : Side Menu > Legal documents > View


The Legal Documents Consultation screen allows Administrators / Partner Administrators to view all Legal Documents generated for the different users (whether they are legal documents sent by email or downloaded by their recipient).


Sort feature

A Sort feature is available on the right side of the screen with the following criteria:


  • Document : type of Legal Document - (see list below)
  • Course : Course concerned by legal documents
  • Learning Path: Path concerned by the legal documents sent
  • Group : group to which the recipients of legal documents belong
  • Recipient : recipient of legal documents
  • Sending Date : entry of a period to be taken into account

By clicking on the vertical arrow at the end of the line, you can download the corresponding legal document and view it.




  • Learning program
  • Path program
  • Invitation to a classroom session
  • Attendance sheet
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Certificate of end of course
  • Statement of objective
  • Course contract
  • Certificate of end of learning path

For more details on creating legal documents, see the articles :

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