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Creating a certificate

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Access : Side Menu > Certificates > Create


From the certificate creation window, you will need to:

  • Complete the required information and define a perimeter
  • Customize your certificate


Information and settings

You will need to fill in:

  • A title
  • Indicate if it is linked to a course or a learning path
  • Indicate if it is attached to the internal perimeter or a partner. If it is the 2nd situation you will also have to indicate which partner it is.
  • A period of validity or expiration date of the certificate. If you leave it blank, the certificate will be considered of unlimited duration.
  • Configure a reminder linked to the expiration of the certificate, in order to receive a reminder X days before the expiration of the certificate (if you have set a validity period or an expiration date).
  • Description
  • Information related to the legal representative of the structure (name, first name, signature)


Customize your certificate

In order to personalize the visual of your certificate, you can define a logo (badge) which will appear in the user dashboard but also in the interface of the certification course. Then, you can define the visual model of the certificate.


To personalize your certificate, you can select a template among those offered (portrait and landscape version available) or integrate your own (by clicking on Personalize).




You can also customize the information appearing on the certificate.


By clicking on Add variable, you will be able to add elements within the certificate. For example the first and last name of the learner, will be automatically indicated thanks to the variables "learner.firstname" and "learner.surname".


The variable then appears in the box just above the "add a variable" button, in the box marked "Insert text". You can add other variables to the text block before formatting and adding them to the template.


⚠️ Be careful, if you put several variables in the text block simultaneously, you will then create a single uniform text block. You will therefore not be able to place the information in different places on the certificate template.


You can also Insert free text by typing it in this same text insertion box. Where "Insert text" appears, type your text and click Add.


Finally, you can add your company logo by clicking on ➕:

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