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Set up live / delayed evaluations

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How to create a live / delayed evaluation? How to modify the evaluation templates?

A course evaluation allows you to get feedback from your learners on your course by submitting a feedback questionnaire. Once created, these assessments can be linked to course.


Access: Side Menu > Evaluations


In order to use the live / delayed evaluation feature, you will need to:

  • Create one or more evaluation models
  • Link your evaluation templates to your course

Once these settings have been made, the live / delayed evaluation will be sent automatically when your learners complete the course for which you have configured evaluations.


Create an assessment template

Click on the Manage templates section.

Access: Side menu > Evaluations > Manage models


To create a new evaluation, click on Create an evaluation.


You will then be able to configure your new evaluation : create a title, indicate the perimeter to which the assessment is attached, and create the questions for your evaluation.



There are 3 types of questions:

  • Evaluation: Asks the learner to leave a rating from 1 to 10.
    Example: Rate the course from 1 to 10.
  • Survey: Asks the learner to select an answer to a question among several available choices.
    Example: What did you think of the course?
    - Not very useful
    - Rather useful
    - Very useful
  • Open question: the learner will be able to leave a free comment
    Example: How can we improve the course?

Once you created all your questions, click on Save to create your evaluation. Your template will be added to the list of available evaluation templates.


You can create as many evaluation templates as you want and thus customize the questions asked the learners according to the course carried out.


Manage your reviews

Access: Side Menu > Evaluations > Manage templates


In the Manage Templates section, you can also:

  • ✏️ Edit your templates
  • 📝 Duplicate an evaluation template
  • ℹ️ See the courses to which the evaluation is attached
  • 🗑️ Delete the evaluation template


Add an evaluation to a course

When configuring the course, it will be possible to select the evaluation templates created so that they are associated with the course and thus automatically sent to the learner once his course is completed.


There are 2 types of assessments:

  • Live evaluation: The live evaluation is directly generated once the learner has completed his course.
  • Delayed evaluation: For the delayed evaluation, it is possible to define a number of days after which the assessment will be generated and sent to the learner.



Access the assessments completed by your learners

Access: Side Menu > Evaluations > View


In this section, you view all the evaluations completed by your learners on your courses.


By clicking on the action icons at the end of each line you will be able to:

  • 👤 Access the results of the evaluation completed by the learner concerned
  • 📓 Access the average results for the course concerned

It is also possible to download the results in Excel format by clicking on the Excel Export button.

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