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Register users for a learning path

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Access : Side Menu > Learning path > View


The consultation page of the list of learning paths appears :


By clicking on the line corresponding to the path searched, you can:

  • Edit the path ✏️
  • Manage the path ⚙️, which essentially involves registering users and user groups for the learning path considered. The method for registering new users or defining groups linked to a path works on the same principle as course registration.
  • More options (3 vertical points) : duplicate or delete the path

Below, the learning path management screen:


By clicking on Register Users to learning path, the following window will appear to search for users and groups that can be registered for the Path :


You have to enter letters from the names of the users you are searching for to make them appear below the Search field.


By clicking the ➕ alongside a User, you can move this User into the list of registered users (dotted rectangle on the right of the screen). Once all the Users searched for have been put inside the dotted rectangle, simply click Register to register all these Users for the Learning Path


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