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Link Groups to a course to trigger automatic registration

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How to set up automatic registrations for courses?

Only Administrators, Partner Administrators, and Designers can link groups to a course.


Access: Lateral Menu > Course > View in the thumbnail of the course selected, scroll down to the bottom part of the page dedicated to Users, then click the Linked Groups button to switch from managing registered users to managing linked groups.


Screenshot - bottom part of the Manage course page.


The window below is displayed to select the groups you want to link to the course.


Simply click the Valdiate button to link the selected groups to the course and see the new groups linked to the course appear in the box outlined in green.


Principle of Groups Linked to Course:

When a user group is linked to a course, it means that any user who is a member of that group or becomes a member in the future will be registered for the course automatically.

Note that if Users are subsequently removed from the group, they will not be unregistered from the course for which they were automatically registered.

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