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Manage registration requests (made by form)

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In the Settings section, you have the option of enabling learners and / or administrators to make requests for course that would not be available in your catalog.

For more information, see the article Setting - Course Catalog, section Activate course requests in the catalog & Activate course requests on the course administration page.

To access course requests by form : Side menu > Course registrations > Manage course requests


Two settings are possible:

  • Possibility for a learner to express an individual course request (from the Catalog)
  • Possibility of expressing course requests for a group of learners



Opportunity for a learner to express an individual course request (from the Catalog)

A learner cannot find the course actually searched for in the course catalog.

During Pre-Configuration of the Platform ⚙️, learners can be given the option of expressing their course needs by posting a request to administrators. To do so, simply check the check box Activate course requests in the catalog.

To request registration for course not included in the Catalog, learners can then click You can’t find your course (outlined in red on the Course Catalog screenshot below).


A form will be opened where learners can express their course needs.


There are 2 conventional cases:

  • Either the learner makes a simple request to feedback new course needs to the Platform administrators, in the hope that this request will lead to creating suitable new course or searching for existing course offered by a course organization outside the company.
  • Or the learner has identified existing course already offered by an external organization and completing this form means that the learner is requesting registration for this external course, the references to which can be specified in the form. This is then a separate course registration request mode.

Below is the Course Request Form to be completed by the Learner.


Opportunity to express course requests for a group of learners

It is also possible for administrators (internal and partner), designers or group managers to express course requests, if the pre-configuration of the platform allows it, i.e. if the check box below was checked during Pre-Configuration : Activate course requests on the course administration page)


Administrators (internal or partner), designers or group managers may actually notice that they don’t find suitable course to train certain learners.


Subject to the Platform’s pre-configuration, they can express their course needs from the course administration page by clicking “Can’t find your course?” outlined in red on the screen below.


A course request form then opens. It is similar to the form presented above for a request made by a learner, except that administrators (designers or group managers) must specify in the request form which users will be registered for the course if it is actually implemented.



Approval or Refusal of course requests

Once the course request form (whether it is an individual request from a learner or a request for a group coming from an administrator, designer, or group manager) has been completed and approved by the applicant, Administrators and Group Managers will see an alert in their dropdown Management Menu, in the Course Registrations Section under the Manage Course Requests sub-section.


By clicking Manage course requests, they can access the screen for managing course requests, where they can directly either approve or refuse the course request.

On this interface, they can view and search for old course requests that were previously approved or refused.

Below is the Manage course requests screen, to which you will have access.


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