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Creating groups

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Creating a group on Rise-Up allows you to manage easily a set of users. You can register them with a single click for courses, learning path, filter and sort your statistical reports or even allow them to communicate with each other from the community.


To create a group, you will have to go to the Side Menu > Groups > Create


Only Administrators and partner administrators can create or modify user groups.


You must first of all Create a group, by entering the title and scope and clicking on Next, to then access the other detailed settings.



General information

A Group is necessarily associated with a single platform (internal or partner). The scope of the group is configured when it is created, and cannot be modified subsequently.



  • Hidden Group: Checking this box means that members of this Group will not see the name of the Group appear on their Dashboard and will not know that they are part of this group.
  • Create a board on the Community page: Checking this box triggers the creation of a board dedicated to the Group on the Community page. The board will bear the name of the Group and will be open to all members of the Group.

Management right of the group manager (choose which courses the group administrator will be allowed to manage)

On this page you will find the management rights that can be given to the managers of your group.



Any Group Manager, by default has the necessary rights to:

  • View the results obtained by the Group he manages. He has access to the results of the courses attended: time spent on the various modules / stages, answers to quizzes, exams, etc.
  • Validate (that is to say accept or refuse) registration requests from members of the Group.

In addition to these default rights, it is possible to allow Group Managers to directly register members of their group for course (without the members of the group having to make a request). To do this, you must check one of the following 3 boxes (see screen above):

  • Every course
  • Only visible courses
  • A list of allowed courses

By checking the last of these 3 boxes, you can define the courses that the Group Manager(s) has the right to manage.


Your group's administration page

You can access it by clicking on the cogwheel icon as below:


You finally arrive on the group management page.

You will find on this page the following functionalities:

  • Smart rules management
  • Define the maximum number of users in the group (disabled when smart rules are in place)
  • Enroll group users (manual enrollment)
  • Enroll group managers



Manage smart rules (smart group)


It is possible to define a Smart Group, ie to establish rules based on certain fields of users to automatically register them in a Group. The elements that can be taken into account are:

  • The user's email address
  • The role of the user
  • Username
  • Internal ID
  • Phone number
  • Language
  • Creation date
  • Date of suspension
  • Group to which the user belongs
  • Custom fields defined

The conditions may or may not be cumulative. As soon as the smart rules have been defined, you can view all the users meeting the defined rules by clicking on 👁️‍🗨️ Concerned users.



Automatically delete users from group if it doesn't match the rules anymore :

If this box is not checked, users will not be deleted from the Group automatically if they no longer correspond to the rules for belonging to the Group.


New feature: Automatically delete group managers

This new feature allows :

  • If checked: I can register only the people corresponding to the rules
  • If it is not checked: I can register anyone as a manager, even those who do not match the smart rules set up




Maximum number of users

This field allows you to enter the maximum number of users that can be included in the defined Group. This field can only be entered if it is not a 'Smart Group'.


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