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Activate objectives for learners

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It is possible to assign Objectives to Learners if this feature has been activated in the Platform Settings (click on ⚙️ on the horizontal bar at the top of the screen). All you have to do is check the following box: "Activate objectives feature".



The Administrators (or Partner Administrators) may therefore assign one or more Objectives to a User or a Group of Users.

Objectives are defined over a given period and can be of different types :

  • Complete a Training, a Training Category, a Training Path
  • Complete an Objective
  • Spend time (teaching time OR real time) on a Training, a training category, a Training path

If Objectives have been assigned to a Learner, the latter will then see these Objectives displayed on the left vertical banner of his Dashboard as well as the percentage of progress achieved for each of the objectives to which he has been registered (see below).



For more details on the Objectives feature, see the other dedicated articles:

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