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Register Users for an Objective

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Acces : Side Menu > Objectives > View


From the Objective Consultation Page, by clicking on ⚙️ on the line corresponding to the desired Objective, one arrives on the Objective Management page.


The screen for managing an objective looks like this:



Register a learner for an objective

By clicking on the Registered Users or Linked Groups button, the list of Users already registered for this Objective and the list of Groups which have already been linked to this Objective are displayed respectively.


On the right of the screen, it is possible to sort on the Users registered with the Objective/ groups linked to the Objective based on the following criteria:

  • The percentage of progress achieved by Users / Groups.
  • Groups that you want to take into account

By clicking on Register Users to Objective, you can select the users that you want to register for the desired Objective :


Users and / or Groups are displayed on the left side of the screen (depending on the boxes that have been checked). You can scroll to view all the users / groups that can be registered. To register a User or a group, simply click on the corresponding ➕ and the selected user / group is then transferred to the right side.



Once the selection has been made and all the users / groups that you want to register are placed in the right area, you just have to click on the Register button (#) to effectively register all these users for the Objective in question. The number of Users concerned is indicated in parentheses in the Button.


As soon as you click on the Register button (#), you will go back to the Objective Management page where you can note that your users have successfully registered for the objective.


At the top of the Objective Management page, you can see that the box at the top right on Statistics has been updated with the number of Users registered for the Goal in question.




When you link a Group to an Objective, this means that any user who is subsequently integrated into this Group, would then automatically be assigned this Objective, without there being any need to register this user for this Objective.


It is therefore different to register all members of a Group to an Objective (see above) and link a Group to an Objective.


The screens that appear to link a Group to an Objective are similar in design to the screens for registering Users / Groups to an Objective.



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