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Archiving your learner's registration

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You can archive your learner's registration to a course.

The objective is to allow the learner to completely restart his course, while allowing you to keep the statistics (results and other follow-up data) linked to his previous registration.


Access: Side Menu > Courses > View, then select the desired course and click on Manage ⚙️ to display the Management Page of the selected Course. Finally, click on View 👁️‍🗨️ of the line corresponding to the affected learner. You will then be taken to the User Details Page, from which you can click on Archive Registration.


Check in the pop-up that appears (see below) “Generate new registration for concerned users”.

In this way, you will have archived all results from the first registration before resetting the entire course registration.


Thereby, there will have been 2 registrations for the same course for the same user and it will be possible at a later date (when the user has again completed his course) to access details of the results for each of the 2 registrations, by selecting the correct registration from the dropdown menu on the button at the top of the “User details” page).

In the example below, there were 2 registrations to the same course for the user involved.


You also have the option of archiving multiple registrations at the same time. To do so, all you have to do is select several learners in the Course Management Page view and click on Archive.


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