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Navigating the Enhanced Data Lab

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Introduction to the Enhanced Data Lab

The Data Lab on our platform has undergone significant enhancements, offering an even more user-friendly experience with a suite of new features aimed at providing comprehensive reports and detailed statistics. From granular learner performance analysis to broad platform activity overviews, the Data Lab serves as your central hub for all data-related insights.

How to Access the Data Lab

To dive into the wealth of information available in the Data Lab, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Side Menu on the platform.
  2. Click on Data lab to unveil the data-driven insights at your fingertips.

Features Overview

Online Follow-Up

The Online Follow-Up feature has been expanded to include a variety of detailed reports, each designed to cater to different analytical needs:

  • Reports 2.0 provide brand new reports for you to explore
    • [Beta] Platform Activity: Offers a comprehensive overview of platform engagement and activity.
    • [Beta] Learners Performance: Provides in-depth reports on individual and collective learner progress and achievements.
    • [Beta] Content Performance: Evaluates content engagement and effectiveness to help optimize learning materials.
  • Our General and Standard reports remain available for the time being
    • General Report: Delivers a broad spectrum of key metrics for quick assessments of platform health.
    • Standard Reports: Grants access to predefined reports for essential insights at a glance.

These reports are enriched with a variety of visual graphs, making data interpretation both quick and insightful.


Please Note: The Beta reports, currently in their pilot phase, are set to fully replace the General and Standard reports by the end of June.


Data Export

For those needing specific, tailored data downloads, the Data Export section offers detailed views on:

  • Training Registrations: Extract detailed data on course enrollments.
  • Session Registrations: Gather insights on registrations for upcoming sessions.
  • Upcoming User Sessions: Preview upcoming session schedules for individual users.
  • Upcoming Classroom Sessions: Monitor classroom-based session schedules.
  • Customized Exports: Seamlessly create and automate personalized exports, scheduled to arrive via email at your convenience.

Access to these in-depth reports and data exports is granted to various roles within the platform, including Administrators, Partner Administrators, Creators, and Group Managers, tailored to their specific needs and access rights. This ensures that sensitive data remains secure while providing relevant insights to each user role.

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